Sunday, November 12, 2006

Draw - Learning to Draw

After too many years, I finally decided to try to learn to draw, or probably more accurately to say is to release whatever drawing talent I may have.

After doing some research, and picking up some books and finding some tutorials on the net, I started at it, both on paper and digitially, using a few different 2d painting and animating programs.

As anyone who researches the subject will find out, the them repeated in most drawing books is that it is not the dextrous physical skills that most people lack, in fact it's the ability to see what you are looking at that makes the difference. (Though natural

After only a few days, I undertook the challenge of doing a self portrait and I amazed myself with how well (I thought anyway) it turned out.

I also have tip toed into the "waters" of 2d animation, while with 3d I like to think I'm at least "wading" in the shallow end. Though I might be decieving mysef with the 3d, as the computer can do some of the work for you, i.e. the 'inbetweens". But only to a limited extent can you rely on computer automation, otherwise your animation will get the dreaded "floaty" appearance.

(click to launch animations)

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